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Infused Soursop Seamoss

Infused Soursop Seamoss

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MENTAL 💭 Rejuvenate pineal gland, enhances alertness, increases long and short term memory, heightens motor skills, increases creativity, increases serotonin production, heightened sense of energy, supports restful sleep, supports libido, supports mental clarity as well as sharpness and concentration. Helps clear acne from face and body, moisturizes dry skin, helps clear skin rashes Such as eczema and psoriasis, prevents wrinkles, brightens and rejuvenates skin, strengthens hair teeth and nails, helps heal wounds faster, removes body odor, strengthens eyesight, helps shed fat from the body. Supports hormone levels, helps increase growth rate of fetuses and young children, Supports the thyroid gland, strengthens bones and teeth, helps to regenerate blood vessels, reconstruct glands, natural diuretic, clears colon, helps drain mucus causing inflammation throughout the body

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